Atlas of Life

Tanja Lagoon Camp director Libby Hepburn, is also co-founder of The Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, a community citizen-science project aiming to build a record of the biodiversity of the region.

The Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness project enables anyone with an interest or passion for the natural world to contribute to this important work which is being used and highly valued by natural resource managers and conservation agencies.

A team of moderators validate each sighting before it is uploaded to the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) so that we are making a valuable and rich contribution to our national archives.

Tanja Lagoon Camp is a mapped site within the project. Click here to see our current list of local sightings.

You can add your own photographs and sightings while you are here and help us to build a rich record of life around Tanja Lagoon Camp.

The Species Lists in the Atlas will help you identify what you see.

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